Our Castle Ward Candidate 2021 Steph Nissen
Steph Nissen - Engagement Officer

Our Castle Ward Candidate 2021 Steph Nissen

I am so pleased and proud to have been chosen as the Green Party’s election candidate for Castle Ward at the Borough Council election on Thursday May 6th. Here are some reasons why you may consider voting for me:

➢I care about the local community.I am a resident of the Ward and live near Castle Park in the centre of Colchester. I love the area and am standing for the Green Party because of their hard work on behalf of local residents. I want to be a fresh voice on Colchester Council and would work hard for local residents and put their interests first. Many people have told me that they want to see a better future for our town centre after the difficulties of the last year and this I would work hard to achieve.

➢I have worked hard for residents all year-round. I’ve organised regular litter picks throughout the Ward and regularly reported fly-tipped waste and missed refuse bag collections. I’ve regularly reported flooding issues in Cowdray Avenue, Riverside Walk and elsewhere and asked for something to be done. I have also a campaign for better recycling services for residents living in flats so that all residents have a fair opportunity to do this.

➢I get things done. I led the campaign for an end to the spraying of glyphosate around the children’s’ play area in Castle Park. We presented a detailed report to Colchester Council and they have now agreed to end the spraying. As someone who lives near to the park I will continue to listen to the concerns of nearby residents and work to keep our park clean and safe for all to enjoy.

➢Working for a better future.I have joined Councillor Goacher and local residents in campaigning for further action to reduce air pollution in Brook Street, East Hill and elsewhere and continue to support efforts to reduce engine idling around schools

Unlike the Conservative candidate, I’m free to vote for what’s best for this area. The Green Party never tell their councillors how to vote. I can be an independentlyminded voice for our area, putting residents and not party politics first.

Only I or the Conservative candidate can win. In the last local election in Castle Ward the Greens won with the Conservatives second. The choice is between me and another Conservative candidate who is never heard from. Votes for Labour or Lib Dems won’t decide the result. Back me this year to help me get even more done for our area by sending me to the council to speak up for us. A vote for anyone else will mean a return to the Conservatives.

I am so grateful for all the support I’ve had from local residents so far. I have loved working with you and for you, listening to what matters to you, finding solutions to problems and fighting to make our area better. I could get even more done as your councillor. Please do consider giving me your vote on May 6th.

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